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Using the color coordinate swatches:
This page contains features which allow you to easily view and compare color swatches.
1. Unlock - Press the unlock button  ) above the swatch to release the swatch from the page.
2. Enlarge - Press the enlarge button  ) next to the swatch details, to set the swatch to its full size.
3. Move (click & drag) - Press-and-hold the left mouse button on the color swatch to move it around the page, release the mouse button to stop moving the swatch. This allows you to easily compare two or more swatches together.
4. Refresh - Press the refresh button  ) to reset the swatches on the page.
Deep Space Blue
PN: POL-3003
Cosmic Purple
PN: POL-3002
Orange Solar Storm
PN: POL-3007
Vortex Green
PN: POL-3008
Golden Galaxy
PN: POL-3006
PN: POL-3004
Red Planet
PN: POL-3005
Warp Speed White
PN: POL-3009
Orion Silver
PN: POL-3001
Infinity Black
PN: POL-3000
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